Thanks for a Wonderful Year With Every Heartbeat!

Thanks to everyone who purchased my first CD of original Jewish liturgical music, With Every Heartbeat: New Jewish Music for Shabbat!

From the CD launch in January, 2018 to finishing the year having sold enough CDs to cover my production costs…my dream of creating and producing a CD has more than come true. I am continuing to write new music and hope to produce another CD some day.  However, I guess the getting one’s music out takes different forms, as many composers/artists distribute their work by the piece as opposed to creating a full CD to produce all at once.

One very exciting event this year was posting a live virtual concert from my living room on the closed group Jewish music Facebook site “Harmony in Unison” virtual stage on April 15, 2018.  Harmony in Unison was started in 2016 by Stacey Beyer and Beth Shafer to provide a platform for Jewish musicians to showcase their work by offering live performances of hope and healing, Sunday through Thursday.  There are now 12.6K members worldwide! Ofer Geller was kind enough to drive through a snowstorm across town to my living room to provide drum accompaniment and some heartfelt vocal support for our 55 minute live performance.  It blows my mind that there have been 1.7K views of us doing With Every Heartbeat music! The concert is archived on the Harmony in Unison site–thought not labelled–so if you have a friend already on the site to invite you, you can join and access not just our concert, but a range of Jewish composers. Most of the music as far as I can tell is original as one cannot have copyright issues in order to present something on the site. I am wearing a purple sweater playing my guitar and Ofer is sitting next to me with his drum in front of my fire place.  I mention this because our names are not too prominent on the post–but it is April 15, 2018.  Please check it out.

People have asked whether I will be able to be streamed and I must say I have given it a lot of thought. I have been exclusively selling my CD and digital download cards without launching on YouTube, iTunes, Pandora, etc. because I needed to raise enough money to have covered my production costs.  I had heard that going up on streaming sites creates good exposure, but one does not make any money at it. I read last week where a prominent Jewish composer/performer posted a comment that he had over $35,000 in download sales last year, but his royalties were only around $1,500–which gives some perspective about how difficult it is to earn a living as an artist these days. Other composers have said that streaming is a means for exposure to get people to sponsor tours, house concerts, and performances at Jewish events and synagogues.  However, streaming in itself does not garner much money.

My hope is to move you with the prayers I have composed melodies for! To add to your Shabbat shalom!  I have been touched by people who have said that they like particular prayers for specific purposes of healing, peace and davening–when they are sitting in their homes or while driving long distances.  Thank you! Thank you! The CD is still very much for sale as are the digital download cards. Please purchase them.  I also carry them with me at all times, so do not be afraid to ask to buy one.

Thanks again for your support!

Love, Rachel



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